About us? Who wants to know? Peregrine Bikes was started because no one was building the bike we wanted to ride. So we did it ourselves. "Betting everything on ourselves tonight, whaaaauuuooooh whaaaaaaauuuooooh". First the high pivot, then the high pivot gearbox with a low center of gravity. This for us, is the ultimate ascending and descending machine. Clean, low maintenance, durable frames that won't kill your wallet. Tired of what is really the same old bikes year after year? Tired of the ever increasing $$$ for really no performance gains? So were we.


We build in steel. Why? It is a great reliable material that gives a bike certain ride characteristics. It can feel stiff and strong, and at the same time have a softness that is unbeatable.

With today's aerospace grade air hardening steels, you can achieve a nice weight with a durable product. Steel is not easy to machine and shape like other materials, but it is worth the time to get that unique feel. There is reason for the coined phrase, "The feel of steel".


We've gone gearbox. Pinion has hit the mark with their box. It is so smooth with no perceptible drag, which is very impressive(there may be slightly more than a traditional drivetrain, but your legs can't feel it).

Shift anytime with out pedaling. Never skip a gear and slip a pedal. Chain is always inline. Never Drop a chain again. Did we say: Shift anytime without pedaling! If you don't think that is a huge benefit, wait till you try it. 600% range with pretty much perfect gear ratio/spacing.

You will never want to go back to a traditional drivetrain with a derailleur. No matter how good you think your derailleur is, it doesn't come close to the benefits of this gearbox. The extra 2-3lbs is a small price to pay to essentially eliminate your drivetrain headaches.

High Pivot

We build high pivot mountain bikes. Why? They perform soooo much better at absorbing trail impacts. You simply can go faster through rough terrain with more control and stability.

As the suspension compresses, the rear wheel moves back and up. This conserves momentum and allows the bike to carry more speed through the rough. Because the back wheel moves rearward, it lengthens the chain stay increasing the bikes stability when you need it most.

If your focus is on riding down trails fast, or simply want a better performing rear suspension, buy one! Your rear rim will thank you for it.

DISCLAIMER: Beware you may start looking for more rocks and trail garbage to ride through on this bike.