With the constant state of unnecessary change in the bike industry our goal is to give you a bike you can plan to ride for a number of years and parts will be around for you. Builds can range from 32lbs to 42lbs
We also wanted to give you the option of setting up one frame that can be used from All MTN to DH. We make swappable front shock mounts to enable you to run different shock sizes to achieve 147mm, 164mm, 183mm, 200mm rear wheel travel. Using an Angleset you can take your ALL MTN frame and put a DH setup on it for summer resort riding. Or convert your DH set up for a light ALL MTN build when your tired of the heavier build. A 12 speed gearbox allows you to have the range to climb even a DH build to the top of your trails. Get in shape on the way up and have fun descending on the way down.
  • FRAMESET with DVO Topaz or Jade rear shock
  • PINION GEARBOX: P-line or C-line; 12 speed, 9 speed, or 6 speed.
  • Crank arm lengths: 155mm, 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • Pinion sprockets 24t or 30t
  • Pinion front and rear spiders 104BCD. This allows you to run 30t or higher sprockets. When the sprockets wear out (which takes a long time) you replace just the sprocket. 7075 Narrow/Wide sprockets can be bought for $10 USD (cheaper option in the long run)
  • SEAT POST size: 27.2mm or 31.6mm
  • REAR HUB spacing is 150mm. Use any convertible 150/157mm hub. Use a any Super Boost Plus Hub that converts to 150mm
  • HEADSET size = 44mm
We can supply you with Spank, DVO, Hope, or Cane Creek products. Package deals can be setup to build a sweet ride that won’t kill your wallet.